Our Graduates

Our students have taken the skills they have learned at Dialysis 4 Career to start a new career. Read some of the stories of our recent graduates.

My experience at this school was fantastic. It was so good I did not want my class to end. The instructors and school staff seemed very passionate, and were always there to help whether with study, job searches or even just trying to get some practice in. I wish I would have been referred sooner as it’s a reputable place to get an education and new career quickly. I loved everything about my class & externship I got placed in. I recommend Dialysis 4 Career for anyone interested in a hemodialysis technician program.

Lauren F.

Wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable and deserves recognition. If you are considering a dialysis school, this is the school to go to. Since I completed the technician program I have been doing great financially and continue to learn at my current job. The program I took leads to a certification, and provided the hands on training. I would recommend to everyone. If you want to attend this school and would like a neutral opinion on the program email me.

Dee D.

Great school to attend if you are unsure about your post-secondary plan. I went here based on their reputation in the Dialysis field and their affiliation with the nncc. At this school you can take the CCHT exam immediately. Program itself was very reasonably priced and a very informative and interactive program. We received a lot of individual attention and never felt stupid for asking a question. Focused learning atmosphere helped me absorb all the information much better. I really feel this attributes to the high percentage of passing students here. Would highly recommend!

Sammy S.

I came here for my Dialysis Technician certification and was a little nervous based on some of the negative reviews. Overall an excellent experience. Courses were well run, organized and very hands on. Instructors were very involved in our training, and always made sure we were always comfortable and left room for questions. I feel really confident going into a new career and especially grateful for helping me land my new job. Thanks to Dialysis 4 Career. I will be recommending you in the future.

Jillian P.

So far so good! The technical training program is affordable and very informative. The instructors here really seem passionate and dedicated to your success, which encourages me to do better. Although, I’m only on my second week of training, I really have learned a lot so far.

Kristin M.

I went to this school based on a friend who went to this school and got a job within 3 weeks. The instructors and school staff was very knowledgeable, passionate and helpful. To make a long story short, I attend the school and with the help of the school and their affiliates I was employed within 3 months.

Lee M.