Dialysis Biomedical Equipment Technician

Learn More About Dialysis Biomedical Equipment Technicians And How To Become One

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A Dialysis Biomedical Equipment Technician is there to oversee and maintain all dialysis-related equipment in both the acute unit and the ambulatory outpatient dialysis unit. A Dialysis Biomedical Equipment Technician will also repair and perform preventative maintenance to ensure all systems are running properly. To become a technician, students need to earn a certificate from an approved licensed training program.

In the Dialysis Biomedical Equipment Technician Program, you will learn to operate, repair, maintain, and clean the hemodialysis machines and gain practice in performing the hemodialysis procedure. Proper procedures, strict guidelines, and regulations will be followed. This is essential in helping the facility meet high standards so that patients can have a safe and comfortable treatment.

Tuition Course Hours: 105

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Internship/Externship opportunities may apply.

Course Objectives

During your program, you will learn a variety of things, including:

A certificate of completion is awarded to students who successfully complete the course.

Tuition Course Hours: 40

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More About The Technician’s Job

Medical emergencies can happen at any time, which is why dialysis machines must be in good repair at all times. As a Biomed Tech, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that the machines are ready to go when they’re required. You’ll care for these devices, perform maintenance on them and repair them as necessary.

This career may be perfect for people who want to work in the medical field without having to deal with blood, bodily fluids and more. You’ll still be a vital part of the process without having to deal directly with patients. However, you may still be required to talk to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals as needed. Contact Dialysis4Career now to find out more about this and other careers.