3 Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Careers In Dialysis

When it comes to choosing a career in dialysis, there are a couple of pathways that you can take. You could choose to become a dialysis nurse or become a dialysis technician. If you are not sure which path is right for you, here is a little insight to help you understand what each entails.

Dialysis Technician

When searching careers in dialysis, becoming a dialysis technician may be one of the easiest career paths to get into as it does not require you to have a college degree, but rather you become certified. You can earn your certification by either going to community college, nursing school, a vocational school, or even participating in training at a hospital. The coursework doesn’t take very long to complete, however, you will be required to undergo hands-on training before you can pass the program. You can do your clinical with a registered nurse, as well as go through on-the-job training.

Dialysis Nurse

Becoming a dialysis nurse requires a little more schooling than becoming a dialysis technician as you will probably be required to hold a college degree. In most cases, you will have to have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited 4-year college, as well as pass the licensing exam within your state. In this position, you may be responsible for managing a team of dialysis technicians, as well as other nurses within the dialysis department.

Be Compassionate

When dealing with dialysis patients, you may find that many of them require extremely long-term care. It is important that you have the right type of disposition and bedside manner as you will be dealing with the same patients for a long time.

Working in any type of medical field can be quite a rewarding experience. If you are interested in careers in dialysis, try talking with someone in the field and see what their experience has been like.

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