Three Reasons to Consider Starting a Career as a Dialysis Technician

The term “dialysis technician” probably never came up as you were contemplating occupations you might pursue. You may have heard the term but never thought to ask, “What does a dialysis technician do?” But if you have an interest in health care and a desire to help others, you may find that a career as a dialysis technician could be rewarding in more ways than one. Here’s a little bit about the job and how it can benefit you.

What Does a Dialysis Technician Do?

This technician administers dialysis treatments to patients who are suffering from end-stage renal failure, which means they have lost 85% or more of their kidney function. These treatments cleanse the blood of waste products since the kidneys can no longer do so effectively. The job doesn’t end there, however, since the technician also must foster and nurture positive relationships, prepare patients for dialysis, and be there for them afterward.

How Much Does a Dialysis Technician Make?

The salary for a dialysis technician ranges from $35,210 to $45,098 a year, with the U.S. average being a little less than $40,000, according to You can make more if you choose to advance your career by becoming a certified hemodialysis technician or a registered dialysis nurse. This is a career path that can give you a comfortable lifestyle as you administer treatments to people who need them.

How Long Does It Take to Become a Dialysis Technician?

It doesn’t take long to become a dialysis technician if you find a reputable and accredited program. You can take courses for a year and then participate in on-the-job training or some type of internship where you’ll get hands-on experience. You could become a full-fledged dialysis technician in as little as one year.

Now you know a little bit more about becoming a dialysis technician. It can be a fulfilling career to have because it involves you in the process of helping people to sustain life.