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The Tasks and Education Required of a Dialysis Patient Care Technician

A dialysis patient care technician is the person who is involved in dialysis treatment for patients who have advanced kidney disease or kidney failure. The technician is in charge of operating dialysis machines and providing care to patients. They are supervised by registered nurses. Kidney dialysis technicians are required to undergo training programs and clinical experience before they may be certified.

The Typical Duties

The dialysis patient care technician is the person who cleans and disinfects the equipment used during dialysis. He or she also is in charge of calculating fluid to be removed. The technician will be tasked with inserting dialysis needles into patient’s veins, starting the dialysis process, and watching over the patient.

After the dialysis procedure has been completed, the technician will remove the patient from the dialysis machine and place bandages on the area where the needles were inserted. In addition to that, dialysis technicians are expected to prepare reports on their patients.

Employment Facts

Most dialysis technicians are employed by dialysis centers, hospitals, and hospital outpatient clinics. They may also work in home care, offering dialysis to those who prefer treatment in their own home. In most cases, home care technicians are there to train the patient on how to properly use the equipment on their own.

Requirements Before Training

You will need a GED or high school diploma before being admitted into a training program. Depending on the program, there may be a requirement for training in phlebotomy or certification as a nursing assistant. Some programs will also expect you to have CPR training prior to joining their ranks.\

Training Programs

There are training programs online, as well as live. Some cover mainly theoretical principles, while others give hands-on education, as well. In nearly all cases, on-the-job training is required before you can be certified officially as a dialysis technician. You can also expect additional training at your place of employment, as well.

Get Certified Now

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