The Purpose of Mock Code Training

Curious about what mock code training is and why it exists? The reality is that any healthcare worker who deals with patients can end up in a situation where a patient needs immediate help to avoid passing away. One of the best ways to ensure staff are capable of jumping in and saving a life is through reviewing the procedure and equipment needed when this scenario happens for real.

Mental Rehearsal Matters

Being able to rehearse the steps you would take during a real code is crucial when the situation is not as dire. Asking questions about what staff would do in certain situations gives everyone a chance to learn and share their own knowledge before it’s needed in an emergency. Having a chance to go over what needs to happen in a situation where things are not as intense gives a staff member a better chance of remembering the proper protocol when it matters.

Understanding Required Equipment

Some medical locations have monophasic defibrillators, others have biphasic defibrillators, and others have both. You want to be certain that staff are aware of how to use whichever are present along with what joule setting is appropriate. This is also the perfect time to remind workers of the need to remove medication patches and review the common functions on the equipment present at your hospital or clinic.

Awareness of Drugs

For the training, there is often an example available of the drugs used for resuscitation, although typically these are expired. Each worker can look at the medications, gain an awareness of where they are stored, and determine how they are packaged. This is crucial in ensuring a staff member is able to find the correct medication at the right dose during a code. You should share information about medications like epinephrine, atropine, amiodarone, lidocaine, and vasopressin.

Suggested Training Frequency

While the frequency of training will vary based on location and need, the average recommendation is about once a year. This gives staff members the chance to go over skills they may not need on a daily basis in the event that a life-threatening situation occurs.

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