Options For A Comprehensive Dialysis Program

There are many specializations in the medical and healthcare profession. One of the most in-demand areas is hemodialysis. Individuals interested in this type of training may be nurses wanting to specialize. They can also be people without a medical background that want to become a hemodialysis technician or a dialysis biomedical equipment technician.

At Dialysis 4 Career, we provide a range of different dialysis program training options for LVNs, LPNs, RNs, or new students. All of our training offer certification to allow our graduates to pursue their career in the field of dialysis. We also specialize in hemodialysis training, which allows our students to obtain very specific and focused training that exceeds requirements for entering the profession.

Training Possibilities

We offer a range of different dialysis program training platforms and options to suit the needs of our students. At Dialysis 4 Career, we understand that many of our students are already working in the medical field. Online or onsite training may offer the most practical and effective solution for these individuals.

For new students or professionals in the medical field, training through an on-campus format offers a personalized and hands-on approach to learning the necessary theory and skills.

Our programs last between nine and fourteen weeks, depending on the number of days and hours per day. Our training is provided mornings or evenings and as a program held on Saturdays and Sundays, giving students the ability to continue to work throughout the week.