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Hemodialysis Professionals are in great demand and report a high level of job satisfaction. End-Stage renal disease affects more than 500,000 Americans, and the majority of these patients receive dialysis therapy. The number of patients needing dialysis treatment increase daily, therefore, more highly trained nurses and technicians are needed to provided quality care.

Our Hemodialysis Online Program is designed to prepare and provide you with a foundation in kidney physiology, nephrological disease, principles of dialysis, and knowledge necessary to give safe and effective care to the individual undergoing hemodialysis treatment. Hemodialysis Technicians and Nurses  must be certified and acquire work experience to qualify for the CDN, CNN, CD-LPN/LVN, CCHT & CHT national certification exam.

Course Objectives:

Part I

  • Identify components of the kidney and its functions. (nephron, glomerulus, tubules).
  • Discuss the differences between Acute and Chronic renal failure.
  • Describe treatment options for End-Stage Renal Disease.
  • Discuss principles of hemodialysis, diffusion, osmosis, filtration, ultrafiltration, sequential ultrafiltration.

Part II

  • Discuss the nutritional needs, advantages, and disadvantages for the renal patient along with lab values, including the adequacy of dialysis (URR and KT/’V).
  • Identify different types of accesses and access complications, along with management and care.
  • Identify complications and emergencies associated with dialysis treatment and Proper patient care documentation.
  • Discuss various medications used in hemodialysis.

Part III

  • Discuss infection control
  • Explain the purpose of water treatment and identify the components of the water treatment systems as it relates to the hemodialysis facility.

A certificate of completion is awarded to students who complete the course succesfully.

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