Mock Code Training

Mock Code

Dialysis facilities must implement processes and procedures to manage medical and non-medical emergencies that are likely to threaten the health or safety of the patients, staff, or visitors. Our onsite Mock Code Training Course is a corporate service designed to assist hemodialysis facilities in planning, conducting, and evaluating an emergency situation. Standards and principles needed to ensure positive clinical outcomes will be practiced and perfected in a simulated clinical environment. The overall goal is to provide essential skills necessary to function within the context of a group during an emergency situation.

Medical emergencies which may be anticipated in the dialysis setting include, but are not limited to, cardiac arrest, profound hypotension or hypertension, air embolism, adverse drug reactions, suspected pyrogenic reactions, and significant blood loss. It is important the direct care staff be aware of how to recognize and respond to these emergent medical conditions.

Course Objectives:

  • Provide faculty led stimulated crisis training
  • Provide opportunity for staff to rehearse actions they would take in real emergency
  • Determine effectiveness of simulation training
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, and deficits
  • Train healthcare members on hand-off communication

Onsite training is available days, evenings, and weekends to fit your staffing and scheduling needs