Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician

Begin a rewarding career as a Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician.

Get your certification and enjoy a rewarding career with an excellent salary.

In as little as 90 days for only $649!

Begin a rewarding career as a Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician.

Get your certification and enjoy a rewarding career with an excellent salary.

In as little as 90 days for only $649!


National Average Salary
for Hemodialysis Technician:

$52,133/year $25/hour


Course Length:

90 Days Or Less


Take the first step toward making a brighter future with our Dialysis Patient Care Technician program.

If you are looking to make a difference in other people’s lives in a career filled with purpose and meaning, while earning an average salary of $52,133, then a Dialysis Technician job is one that you are likely to love.

Upon completion of this course, students will receive a certificate of completion to seek employment. After working for six months as a dialysis technician, you will be eligible to sit for the national exam. Once working in the field, you have up to 18 months to take the national exam to remain employed.

Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician Course

Meet The Instructor

I’m a hemodialysis instructor, licensed by the New York State Education Department, owner of Dialysis 4 Career, a licensed and registered dialysis training school, and Medical Careers Prep Academy, Inc. Due to the shortage of skillfully trained dialysis technicians and nurses, I decided to offer an affordable online self-paced dialysis training course. Students are essential, and I realize time is valuable, as I never lose sight of each student’s need to balance work demands with family and personal demands. As a result, I offer this course to fit any schedule.

I look forward to providing the best virtual learning experience possible.

Lamarr Holland

Course Curriculum

What to expect in this course
About the instructor
A Day In The Life of a Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician.

Today’s Dialysis Environment
Mod -1 Section 1 (Kidney’s and Dialysis)
Mod-1 Section 2 (Payment & Quality)
Mod-1 Section 3 (Professionalism)

The Person With Kidney Failure
Mod 2 Section 1 (Kidneys & How they Fail)
Mod 2 Section 2 (Problems Caused by Kidney Failure)
Mod 2 Section 3 (Common Blood Tests)
Mod 2 Section 4 (Treatment Options)
Mod 2 Section 5 (Care Team & Nutrition)
Mod 2 Section 6 (Helping Patients Cope)

Principles of Dialysis
Mod 3 Section 1 (Basic Concepts)
Mod 3 Section 2 (Applying Principles)

30 Multiple Choice Questions

Hemodialysis Devices
Mod 4 Section 1 (Dialyzer-Artificial Kidney)
Mod 4 Section 2 (Hemodialysis Machines)
Mod 4 Section 3 (Extracorporeal Circuit)

Dialyzer Reprocessing
Mod 5 Section 1 (Reprocessing)

Vascular Access
Mod 6 Section 1 (Intro to Fistula)
Mod 6 Section 2 (Cannulation)
Mod 6 Section 3 (Graft and Complication)
Mod 6 Section 4 (Catheters)

Hemodialysis Procedures and Complications
Mod 7 Section 1 (Infection Control)
Modd 7 Section 2 (Pre-Treatment)
Mod 7 Section 3 (ing a Treatment)
Mod 7 Section 4 (Hemodialysis Complications)
Mod 7 Section 5 (Post -dialysis)

Water Treatment
Mod 8 Section 1 (Water Treatment Overview)
Mod 8 Section 2 (Pre-Treatment, Distribution, System)
Mod 8 Section 3 (Monitoring Water & Patients)

Emergency Planning and Response
Mod 9 Section 1 (Emergency Management)

Final Exam
50 Multiple Choice Questions

Course Requirements

Students will have 90 days to complete the program; however, most students can complete the program in a much shorter time.

To complete the Hemodialysis Patient Care Technician program, students must complete the entire course within 90 days of purchase. And maintain an overall program grade point average of 70% or higher to earn your certificate of completion. Students will be able to print the certificate of completion and receive an original version of the certificate in the mail. Students will be given a quiz and a final exam and will have three tries to pass.

Students who do not meet the minimum grade point requirement will be academically ineligible to receive a completion certificate(All financial obligations must be satisfied to receive a certificate of completion). After successful completion of the course, students will be able to: To promote continuing education and knowledge of nephrology to patient care personnel to advance care to renal patients and contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Be prepared for entry-level employment in a dialysis facility.

Our hemodialysis curriculum is designed with expected learning outcomes. Success in the program requires passion, commitment, and dedication.

Tuition Cost: $649


You can select your preferred option after enrolling in the course.



Go at your own pace and study the materials to prepare for the certification exam.



Receive live instruction and interact with the instructor from the comfort of your home.

Experience the Dialysis 4 Career Advantage


Create your own schedule and attend class at home. Eliminate travel costs and spend more time with family. Our course can be completed in 90 days or less, and you can begin a high-paying career for only $649!


We are dedicated to making your educational goals our priority. Our licensed instructors will help guide you through every step of the way. Dialysis 4 Career New York and its educational programs are approved by the Bureau of Private Post-secondary Education, and the New York State Department of Education.


We have partnerships and working relationships with dialysis companies nationwide to help get students into careers after program completion. We even offer students additional job assistance.

What Our Students Say

Miriam & Heidi

“We start tomorrow at Davita. Thanks for the networking you provided!”

· Miriam & Heidi

Ljah lee

“I’m very happy I decided to register for this class; the Instructor is amazing, very thorough, and super helpful. He is knowledgeable and made the course interesting; it’s amazing how much I learned in such a short period. *success story: I got a job the day after the course ended.”

· Ijah-lee


“Davita got back to me; I will start soon. Thank you again for everything. I advise people to go here.”

· Marie

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