Evelyn Ayala

Dear Prospective Student,

Building toward successful actions while the actions of our students during a patient crisis are critical, the basis for these actions begins months before, building from the first day of class. To provide quality care, it is important to incorporate knowledge and wisdom.

Providing students with knowledge and wisdom enable them to have the power to provide quality care, a quality education, additionally it allows the patient to live a high quality of life. Through facts and stories, and let us not forget compassion; knowledge and wisdom is achieved. Methods of learning are taught differently (audio, visual, literature) because we all learn differently.

In part to leading these students in providing quality care to achieve a quality life, motivation is essential. What is motivation? “Stimulate Interest.” In doing so you have to be a great leader and as an instructor that is what you are. What are the characteristic qualities of a great leader? “Leaders must possess qualities they want to incorporate into their team.” As an instructor and a leader, my goals for my team (students) are to arouse enthusiasm, confidence, discipline, unity, and compassion. I exude these qualities in all my classes. Every day is a learning process and I continue to learn.


Evelyn Ayala