Consider a Job as a Dialysis Patient Care Technician

Many high demand career roles are available in the medical field today. Whether looking for a role involving direct patient care or one behind the scenes; there are endless options to choose from. One of these career options is as a dialysis patient care technician. You would be responsible for a patient’s management of their hemodialysis.

A patient care technicians job involves basic patient care and dialysis machine operation. This position is supervised by a registered nurse. In addition to a specialized training program, you must complete clinical experience on-the-job. Professional certification is earned once both are completed successfully.

Job Duties

Job duties of a dialysis patient care technician include disinfecting of equipment used for dialysis. Also, preparation of the fluid which is used for a patient’s dialysis. You would be responsible for the insertion of dialysis needles into veins in the patient’s arm, starting the equipment, and supervising the patient. In addition, you would be responsible for adjusting the rate or speed during dialysis and injecting anticoagulants.

Once the dialysis treatment is done, you remove the equipment from the patient and apply clean sterile dressing to the area of needle puncture. As a patient care technician, you would be responsible for the preparation and maintenance of each patient’s records ensuring they are up-to-date and accurate. Depending on the place of employment, other duties may be required.

Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities are available in more than one setting. Generally, dialysis is administered in either dialysis centers who are specially equipped or hospital. This leads to most dialysis patient care technician being employed with a hospital, dialysis center, or hospital outpatient service. Also, some patients have their dialysis administered at home, allowing for some home care positions available. However, for patients care technicians working in home care, these positions mainly focus on patient training to allow patients to administer their dialysis on their own.

If you are looking for a job in the medical field but don’t want years of schooling and training, dialysis patient care technician could be the ideal choice. This position is one that is highly respected and important for the successful treatment dialysis.