Dialysis 4 Career, School of Hemodialysis is a licensed and registered proprietary school of New York State which offers both campus-based and online programs in the field of Dialysis.

We bring over 36 years of hands-on, performance-based experience to foster personal development and high-quality learning opportunities to all of our students. Our licensed team of instructors will be of great asset to prepare those entering the rewarding and exciting world of Hemodialysis.

Due to an inexorable and a substantial shortage of skillfully trained hemodialysis nurses and technicians, Dialysis 4 Career has partnered with Borough Manhattan Community College, and New York City College of Technology (CUNY). With this addition and more we strive to develop a more productive and practical nurse and technician hemodialysis program. It is our intent to initiate a school for the explicit purpose of providing state-of-the-art training for students to become a hemodialysis professional.

Today Dialysis 4 Career continues to grow and provides additional career-oriented programs in Hemodialysis, Dialysis Biomedical Equipment Technician Certifications, and Onsite Certifications tailored to fit your individualized needs.