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Feel free to call us anytime, our general phone number is 516 292-2966 or you may reach us toll-free at

Feel free to call us anytime, our general phone number is 516 292-2966 or you may reach us toll free at

Dialysis 4 Career Training Programs for a Career in Hemodialysis

Are you looking for dialysis technician training for nurses, to become a hemodialysis technician, or to become a dialysis biomedical equipment technician?

Dialysis 4 Career is a recognized school of hemodialysis. Our technician training program options provide flexible options for training and continuing education programs in hemodialysis. Learn and become certified based on your schedule and via your preferred mode of learning, including: in-class sessions, live online class and / or on-site training programs. If you’re seeking a dialysis technician / nurse certification school, we are confident you’ll find some great information here to help you make your decision about this important step in your career.

Dialysis 4 Career provides training from an established dialysis technician certification school that teaches RNs, LPNs, LVNs, and new students dialysis training, and skills necessary for pursuing a career in the field of hemodialysis.

Fast Track Dialysis Technician Certification

Our school provides fast track dialysis technician training for nurses and a hemodialysis technician training program on campus, which is our most popular course to date. The reason Dialysis 4 Career has been singled out as a unique resource is because of our primary focus of hemodialysis training.

Enroll in Our Dialysis School

Pursuing a career in the medical field is rewarding. However, there are many avenues to pursue, making it challenging to determine the best way to begin your career. At Dialysis 4 Career, we proudly offer dialysis training to help you get your dialysis technician certification to start helping people overcome the challenges they face when suffering from kidney disorders. This high-demand medical field assists a growing number of patients who need dialysis treatment to keep them healthy while suffering from renal conditions.

Why Choose Dialysis 4 Career as Your Hemodialysis Technician Training Program?

At Dialysis 4 Career, our learning programs are flexible, which means a student can choose to enter on a full-time or a part-time basis, which can make a big difference to a busy working individual.

Our program’s emphasis is on learning via a proven method that breaks things down, making training schedules that are easier to keep up with, even with a regular nine-to-five job and other life commitments.

At Dialysis 4 Career, we offer a 96-hour certification program, online certifications, and a variety of other program options to help you not only get your training but get the most out of your training, too. Our staff provide extensive support to help you succeed.

Our faculty and support staff team understands the importance of an education, especially in the medical field where things change all the time; and medical professionals need to stay up-to-date. This is why we consider it our primary goal to provide a highly effective technical platform for hemodialysis education, enabling students to excel in taking in the knowledge we have to offer.

We Prepare You for Certification

At our dialysis school, you will go through extensive training from qualified instructors who have worked in the dialysis field. With hands-on experience in combination with textbook learning, you will develop the skills and knowledge to begin helping people live their best lives. In addition to classroom and online instruction, your dialysis training will include clinical practicums that allow you to get real-world experience before you graduate. Upon graduation, you can rest assured that you will have the knowledge and skills to pass your dialysis technician certification.

More about Dialysis 4 Career

We bring more than 36 years of experience to aid our students in learning from the most experienced medical professionals in the dialysis industry. We have a licensed team of dynamic instructors who are experts in the field of hemodialysis and who are also very adept at knowledge transfer. We have also partnered with a local New York City university to develop an excellent curriculum that produces exceptional expertise in the field of hemodialysis.

We offer exceptional instruction, flexible programs, great student resources, and a great opportunity to excel in the field of hemodialysis.

Apply for Your Training Today!

It’s never too late to make a career change and enter the medical field. If you’re interested in helping people overcome their health challenges, our dialysis school is ready to give you the in-person or online training you require. With various programs available, you can choose the options that best fit your schedule, making our dialysis training ideal for busy adults who need to balance their education with other daily obligations, such as work and family. It’s our goal to prepare individuals for a future in dialysis to fill the increasing need for dialysis technicians.

NYS Education Department Licensed

Coalition of new york state career school


Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission

Borough of Manhattan Community College

New York City College of Technology

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Explore our Campus Based Programs

School-community partnerships foster higher educational aspirations and tremendous benefits. Due to superior clinical leadership, and industry-leading education, we have chosen a partnership with DaVita. DaVita is a fortune 500 company and a leading provider of dialysis services in the United States. Administrative services are provided at more than 2,000 outpatient dialysis centers around the country, serving more than 165,000 patients. The company is also an international enterprise, with 84 outpatient dialysis centers in 10 countries outside the United States. Together we believe in our student’s educational training, professional development, and future. Our partnership with DaVita has provided numerous internship, externship, and career opportunities to our graduates.

Graduation Cap

Dedicated to your Education

We are dedicated to making your educational goals our priority. Our licensed instructors will help guide you through every step of the way. Train with us for a rewarding career. Read More

Single Discipline Training

Single Discipline Training

We offer one distinct focus; hemodialysis. Choosing a school with only one specific career path in healthcare brings a unique benefit to students. A single-discipline training setting provides a truly individualized program that cannot be duplicated.

Dialysis 4 Career is right for you

A few reasons why you should attend Dialysis 4 Career

  • Dedicated to Your Education

    We are dedicated to making your educational goals our priority. Our licensed instructors will help guide you through every step of the way. Train with us for a rewarding career.

  • Single-Discipline Training

    We offer one distinct focus; hemodialysis. Choosing a school with only one specific career path in healthcare brings a unique benefit to students. A single-discipline training setting provides a truly individualized program that cannot be duplicated.

  • Licensed Programs

    We are a licensed and registered proprietary school of New York State. Dialysis 4 Career has also partnered with Bourough Manhattan Community College, (CUNY) and New York City College of Technology.

  • Nephrology Nursing Certification Commission | NNCC

    With our program you are eligible to take the CCHT exam immediately upon completion of our program and national review class. With this affiliation you no don’t have to wait 18 months to take the exam.

  • Convenient Schedule

    We offer convenient day, evening, and weekend classes to fit any schedule.

  • Online Training(For Nurses)

  • Onsite Training

    Onsite training is available days, evenings and weekends to fit your staffing and scheduling needs.

  • Career Services

    The benefit of attending our school is the accessibility to all the facilities and hospitals that have built relationships with us. Relationships based solely on our solid reputation in the hemodialysis field.

What Our Graduates Say

  • I went to this school based on a friend who went to this school and got a job within 3 weeks. The instructors and school staff was very knowledgeable, passionate and helpful. To make a long story short, I attend the school and with the help of the school and their affiliates I was employed within 3 months.Lee M.
  • I came here for my Dialysis Technician certification and was a little nervous based on some of the negative reviews. Overall an excellent experience. Courses were well run, organized and very hands on. Instructors were very involved in our training, and always made sure we were always comfortable and left room for questions. I feel really confident going into a new career and especially grateful for helping me land my new job. Thanks to Dialysis 4 Career. I will be recommending you in the future.Jillian P.
  • So far so good! The technical training program is affordable and very informative. The instructors here really seem passionate and dedicated to your success, which encourages me to do better. Although, I’m only on my second week of training, I really have learned a lot so far.Kristin M.
  • Wonderful instructor, very knowledgeable and deserves recognition. If you are considering a dialysis school, this is the school to go to. Since I completed the technician program I have been doing great financially and continue to learn at my current job. The program I took leads to a certification, and provided the hands on training. I would recommend to everyone. If you want to attend this school and would like a neutral opinion on the program email me.Dee D.


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