What Is A Dialysis Technician?

According to the NIH and the CDC, approximately 14% of the population of the United States has Chronic Kidney Disease. There are over 662,000 Americans diagnosed with kidney failure, and just under 470,000 of these individuals require dialysis. These numbers continue to increase annually, creating a need for trained and certified dialysis technicians.

Many people interested in a career in the medical field ask us, “What is a dialysis technician, and what does the job require?” To understand this critical career, let’s take a deeper dive into what the job entails.

The Training

The shortest answer to the question of what is a dialysis technician is she or he is a certified professional who administers and manages the dialysis process for patients. A technician works under the supervision of a doctor or a nurse to ensure patient safety throughout the process.

Training at Dialysis 4 Career equips you for a career as a dialysis technician. We offer the necessary training to understand the process and your professional role and also provide the necessary training to pass the CCHT exam for certification.

Some of the Requirements

In addition to monitoring the patient during the treatment, a dialysis technician will also maintain and test the dialysis equipment and machines and ensure the patient treatment area is sterile.

The technician will make necessary adjustments to the treatment, explain the process to patients and family members, provide education, and work with the medical treatment team. In addition, they will a prepare necessary reports and provide appropriate feedback and information.