Our course provides training directly in the clinical facilities. The course consists of 50% lecture and 50% clinical training done on the clinic premises. Internships are available if qualified, with the #1 leading dialysis provider.

Course Outline – Introduction to Hemodialysis

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Wellness and Disease Concepts
  3. Psychosocial Problems
  4. Ethics, Rights and Responsibilities
  5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills
  6. The Hemodialysis Team
  7. Principles of Hemodialysis
  8. Lab Values, Dietary Regimens and Medications
  9. Hemodialysis Procedures and Techniques
  10. Vascular Access
  11. Knowledge of Dialyzer, Dialysate and Delivery System
  12. Dialyzer Reprocessing
  13. Water Treatment
  14. Medications
  15. Emergency Procedures including CPR/BLS and AED
  16. Infection Control Procedures
  17. Blood Borne Diseases HIV/HBV/AIDS
  18. Recognition of Complications and Emergency Conditions
  19. Safety and Security Procedures
  20. Quality Assurance
  21. Employability Skills